Toby Keith's Top Collaborations That'll Blow You Away


Prepare to be amazed as we dive into some of Toby Keith's most unforgettable collaborations with fellow artists from across the musical spectrum.

Beer for My Horses

This iconic duet with country music legend Willie Nelson combines Keith's signature sound with Nelson's timeless charm, resulting in a dynamic and unforgettable collaboration.

Sammy Hagar

Toby Keith teams up with rock icon Sammy Hagar for a high-energy performance that showcases their mutual passion for music and electrifying stage presence.

Crash Here Tonight

In this emotional duet with rising star Lindsey Haun, Toby Keith's rich baritone harmonizes beautifully with Haun's soulful vocals, creating a captivating and heartfelt musical experience.

I Love This Bar

Toby Keith joins forces with legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett for a laid-back collaboration that celebrates the simple joys of life and the camaraderie found in a neighborhood bar.


In this touching father-daughter duet, Toby Keith shares the spotlight with his daughter Krystal Keith, delivering a heartfelt performance that highlights their close bond and musical talent.

Whiskey Girl

Toby Keith's collaboration with fellow songwriter Scotty Emerick on "Whiskey Girl" showcases their shared love of storytelling and catchy hooks, resulting in a spirited and memorable track.

Honors and Awards

Toby Keith's talent and contributions to the genre have been recognized and celebrated by his peers and industry professionals.


From country icons to rock legends, Toby Keith's top collaborations are a testament to his versatility, creativity, and enduring appeal as one of music's most dynamic and beloved artists.