The Asteroids We Should Watch Out For

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Near-Earth Objects

These are asteroids with orbits that bring them close to Earth's orbit, posing a potential impact risk.

Impact Hazard Assessment

Scientists actively monitor and assess the trajectories of NEOs to determine if they pose a threat to Earth.

Size Matters

Larger asteroids can cause more significant damage upon impact, making tracking and monitoring crucial for public safety.

Impact Probability

Scientists use advanced modeling to estimate the probability of an asteroid colliding with Earth based on its orbit and size.

Mitigation Strategies

Research focuses on developing strategies to deflect or mitigate the impact of hazardous asteroids, ensuring planetary defense.

NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office

Dedicated to identifying, tracking, and characterizing potentially hazardous asteroids, enhancing our preparedness.

Early Warning Systems

Developing advanced technologies and early warning systems is essential for providing timely alerts and allowing for potential mitigation actions.

Public Awareness

Educating the public about asteroid risks and ongoing monitoring efforts helps build awareness and ensures a proactive approach to planetary defense.