1: "Pearson Finds a New Home" The suits spinoff moves to a new platform, making waves in the streaming world.

2: "Not on Netflix" Learn where to catch Pearson now that it's not on the popular streaming service.

3: "Shifting Platforms" Discover why the spinoff made the switch to a new online home.

4: "The Pearson Phenomenon" Fans react to the show's move to a different streaming platform.

5: "Exclusive Streaming" Experience Pearson on its new platform, offering exclusive content and more.

6: "A Fresh Start" How the move to a new streaming service has revitalized the Pearson spinoff.

7: "Fans Rejoice" The loyal audience celebrates Pearson's move to a new online home.

8: "Where to Watch" Find out where you can stream Pearson now that it's shifted platforms.

9: "The Future of Pearson" What's next for the spinoff as it settles into its new streaming home.