Moon Mysteries: NASA's Historic Missions and Future Plans


Step into the realm of lunar exploration as NASA unveils its historic missions and visionary plans to unlock the mysteries of Earth's celestial companion.

Lunar Landmarks

Explore the iconic landmarks of the Moon, from the towering peaks of its mountain ranges to the vast plains of ancient lava flows, each holding clues to the Moon's tumultuous past.

Historic Missions

Delve into NASA's historic missions to the Moon, including the Apollo program that first landed humans on its surface and the groundbreaking discoveries made by robotic spacecraft.

Scientific Discoveries

Learn about the scientific discoveries made on the Moon, from evidence of water ice in shadowed craters to insights into its geology, magnetic field, and potential for future exploration.

Lunar Exploration

Uncover NASA's future plans for lunar exploration, including the Artemis program that aims to return humans to the Moon by 2024.

Program Goals

Understand the goals of the Artemis program, which include conducting scientific research, testing new technologies, and preparing for future crewed missions.

Lunar Gateway

Explore the concept of the Lunar Gateway, a space station orbiting the Moon that will serve as a staging point for lunar missions and facilitate international collaboration in space.


Learn about NASA's partnerships with commercial space companies to develop lunar landers, rovers, and other infrastructure needed for sustained lunar exploration.


As NASA embarks on its next chapter of lunar exploration, the Moon remains a source of fascination and inspiration, holding the key to unlocking the mysteries of our celestial neighbor.