1: Kate Moss returns to the iconic Diet Coke ad, capturing the essence of the 1990s.

2: Moss exudes timeless beauty as she recreates the topless shot for a modern audience.

3: The supermodel channels her youthful spirit in the new ad, showcasing her lasting appeal.

4: Kate Moss remains a fashion icon, embodying the same allure that made her a star.

5: The recreated ad pays homage to Moss's enduring legacy in the fashion industry.

6: Moss's effortless charm and beauty shine through in the updated Diet Coke campaign.

7: The supermodel's return to the iconic ad reminds us of her long-standing presence in fashion.

8: Moss's timeless elegance and style continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

9: Kate Moss's recreation of the 1990s ad proves that she is truly ageless and eternally chic.