1: Elevate your weekend desserts with these creative Jiffy Cornbread upgrades.

2: Add a sweet twist by mixing in a handful of chocolate chips or blueberries.

3: Create a savory-sweet combination with a sprinkling of shredded cheese and diced jalapeños.

4: Upgrade your cornbread by swirling in a dollop of honey or maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.

5: Impress your guests by incorporating diced bacon or crumbled sausage into your cornbread batter.

6: Give your cornbread a burst of flavor by mixing in some fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme.

7: Enhance the texture of your cornbread by folding in a spoonful of creamy Greek yogurt.

8: Surprise your taste buds by stirring in a spoonful of pumpkin puree for a seasonal twist.

9: Experiment with different mix-ins like chopped nuts, dried fruits, or even a swirl of caramel sauce.