Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes with Toby Keith on Tour


Get an insider's look into the life of country music superstar Toby Keith as he takes you behind the scenes of his electrifying tour.

Pre-Show Rituals

Discover Toby Keith's pre-show routines and rituals, from vocal warm-ups to last-minute preparations before hitting the stage.

Meet and Greets

Join Toby Keith as he meets fans backstage, sharing intimate moments and creating unforgettable memories with his dedicated supporters.

Band Rehearsals

Step into the rehearsal room with Toby Keith and his band as they fine-tune their performances and perfect their setlist for each show.

the Tour Bus

Experience life on the road with Toby Keith as he travels from city to city, sharing laughs, stories, and camaraderie with his band and crew.

Soundcheck Sessions

Witness the magic of soundcheck sessions as Toby Keith and his band test levels, adjust arrangements, and ensure everything is perfect for the upcoming show.

the Scenes Crew

Meet the unsung heroes behind Toby Keith's tour, from stagehands and technicians to wardrobe assistants and tour managers, who work tirelessly to make each show a success.

Show Celebrations

Join Toby Keith and his team for post-show celebrations, unwinding after a high-energy performance and reflecting on the night's highlights.


the hard work, dedication, and passion that drive Toby Keith and his team as they bring their music to audiences around the world.