1: 1. Explosive eruptions at Old Faithful 2. Heart-stopping grizzly bear encounters 3. Intense family drama unfolds 4. Unexpected alliances in the wilderness 5. Shocking betrayals rock the park

2: 6. Mysteries of Yellowstone's past revealed 7. Suspenseful showdowns at the Dutton Ranch 8. High-stakes battles for control 9. Unforgettable moments in America's wildest park

3: 10. Life and death decisions at every turn 11. Thrilling escapes from danger 12. Hidden secrets come to light 13. Heart-wrenching losses shake the Yellowstone

4: 14. Tensions rise between the Duttons and rivals 15. Explosive confrontations with enemies 16. Devastating tragedies strike the ranch 17. Stunning natural beauty contrasts with brutal violence

5: 18. Power struggles threaten to tear apart Yellowstone 19. Jaw-dropping plot twists keep viewers on edge 20. Unexpected alliances form amidst chaos 21. Unforgettable performances leave fans breathless

6: 22. Loyalties are tested in the face of danger 23. Heart-pounding suspense grips the park 24. Ruthless foes scheme in the shadows 25. Emotional moments bring tears to viewers' eyes

7: 26. Epic battles for survival in the wilderness 27. Courageous choices define the future 28. Betrayals cut deep in the Yellowstone 29. Unforgettable scenes that will haunt viewers

8: 30. Rivalries ignite in fiery conflicts 31. Emotions run high in every scene 32. Shocking revelations change everything 33. Season 5 Part 2 takes Yellowstone to new heights

9: 34. Edge-of-your-seat action in every episode 35. Intriguing mysteries unravel in explosive fashion 36. Heart-stopping moments that will leave you speechless 37. The legacy of Yellowstone is at stake - don't miss a second.