1: Anne Hathaway stuns with her drastic weight loss for "Les Misérables."

2: Hathaway's bold pixie cut for "The Princess Diaries" shook fans.

3: From innocent to edgy, see Hathaway's transformation in "The Dark Knight Rises."

4: Hathaway went blond for a daring role in "Havoc."

5: Witness Hathaway's glamorous red carpet evolution over the years.

6: Hathaway's regal makeover in "Alice in Wonderland" wowed audiences.

7: Hathaway's dramatic change in "Ocean's 8" showcased her style versatility.

8: Through the years, Hathaway's evolving fashion choices have captivated fans.

9: Hathaway's chameleon-like ability to transform for each role is unparalleled.