1: Myth: Fiber causes bloating. Fact: Fiber aids digestion and reduces bloating.

2: Myth: Magnesium supplements are unnecessary. Fact: Magnesium is vital for muscle and nerve function.

3: Myth: Iron supplements lead to constipation. Fact: Iron helps transport oxygen and prevents fatigue.

4: Myth: High-fiber diets are only for weight loss. Fact: Fiber improves heart health and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

5: Myth: Magnesium is only found in supplements. Fact: Magnesium is also abundant in nuts and leafy greens.

6: Myth: Iron deficiency only affects women. Fact: Iron deficiency can impact anyone, causing anemia.

7: Myth: Fiber hinders nutrient absorption. Fact: Fiber actually enhances nutrient absorption in the body.

8: Myth: Magnesium overdose is common. Fact: Magnesium toxicity is rare and usually occurs with supplements.

9: Myth: Iron-rich foods are limited to red meat. Fact: Iron sources include beans, lentils, and fortified cereals.