1: "1. Attack on Titan: Epic battles and gripping storyline make this a must-watch anime on Netflix."

2: "2. Death Note: A mind-bending cat-and-mouse game between a prodigy student and a supernatural notebook."

3: "3. My Hero Academia: Follow young heroes in training as they learn to harness their powers."

4: "4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: A tale of love, loss, and sacrifice set in a magical world."

5: "5. Naruto: Join young ninja Naruto on his quest to become the strongest ninja in the land."

6: "6. Demon Slayer: Follow Tanjiro as he fights demons to avenge his family."

7: "7. One Punch Man: Watch as Saitama defeats villains with just one punch."

8: "8. Tokyo Ghoul: A dark tale of a boy becoming a half-ghoul and navigating both worlds."

9: "9. Sword Art Online: Players get trapped in a virtual reality game where death is real."