1: Indulge in our top 10 cookie recipes for 2024, from classic chocolate chip to trendy matcha shortbread.

2: Bake up a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies or try our unique Earl Grey lavender shortbread.

3: Satisfy your sweet tooth with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or lemon blueberry sugar cookies.

4: Dunk our chewy ginger molasses cookies in a glass of milk or enjoy a crispy tahini chocolate chip cookie.

5: Whip up a batch of vegan double chocolate cookies or gluten-free almond flour snickerdoodles.

6: Experiment with savory rosemary shortbread cookies or indulge in rich triple chocolate chunk cookies.

7: Try our easy no-bake peanut butter cookie recipe or bake a batch of classic sugar cookies.

8: Savor the flavors of pistachio cardamom cookies or go for a spicy kick with chai snickerdoodles.

9: Enjoy a twist on tradition with matcha white chocolate cookies or bake a batch of classic oatmeal chocolate chip.